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An American Actress started her splendid acting career at the mere age of 11.

She grabbed her first peculiar main role in 2002 television show State of Grace where she portrayed a role of young Hannah Rayburn.

While we're not sure how we feel about Mark Cyr's reappearance, we know how we feel about Heizer's music video — it's pretty much the best thing ever. There's also Pokemon sheets and a cutout of Taylor Swift, because, well, the video is odd. What we love most about the video's release, though, is the support Heizer got from his friends — in particular, his Parenthood co-star and real life BFF, Mae Whitman, who tweeted: It was a welcome reminder of Heizer and Whitman's close relationship, and of how the two actors are part of a weird, awesome web of people we love who all happen to be friends.

Here's a flowchart to keep it all straight: Miles Heizer...

Alia Shawkat is not a new name in the industry and is certainly an unforgettable character in the television world.

The Young Artist Award recipient announced herself on the center stage with a power packed performance in Arrested Development.

During his sophomore year of high school, he and several friends from elementary school formed a punk rock band called "Outline." When they were 15, Antonoff and his Outline bandmate used a DIY guide to book shows in numerous states, including Florida and Texas, and borrowed Antonoff's parents' minivan to travel in.

During the tour, Outline played in venues such as anarchist bookstores, while the oldest member of the band drove because he was 18 years old.

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They brainstormed ideas by email before starting the songwriting process. then played with musical heroes Queen in September 2013 at the i Heart Radio Music Festival, which was held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, U. Antonoff played Brian May's guitar during the rehearsal, which he described as the "most surreal experience ever." Antonoff explained in June 2014 that the project had been a consideration for around 10 years, and the name was inspired by the "disconnected, darker side" of suburban youth and John Hughes movies, which were "tied to a time when big songs were great songs." The songs for the debut Bleachers album were mostly written on Antonoff's laptop computer in hotel rooms during a fun. I wanted to bridge the gap between Disclosure and Arcade Fire—something both streamlined and organic ...

The group's circle of friendship is pretty great, and we're only a little bit jealous.

We'd even take being a fringe member of the group, like Alia Shawkat (longtime friend/ Arrested Development co-star of Whitman and pal of Rachel Antonoff) or Matt Lauria (co-star of Whitman and Heizer, friend of Antonoff siblings). Heizer, Whitman, Dunham, Swift and the Antonoffs are all cool alone, and together, they probably make for the best group of friends around — wouldn't you be a little envious, too?

The production and songwriting is extremely over-the-top, extremely epic and unapologetic.

The record is all about finding a world where you can be kind to yourself in. In regard to Strange Desire, Antonoff said: It doesn't have to be one or the other ... On the deluxe version of the album, Swift explains in a voice memo that the song "I Wish You Would" originated from a guitar track that Antonoff had recorded on his smartphone.Is Friday "Parenthood news you didn't see coming" day?